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Dear PhD Students,

At the Károly Ihrig Doctoral School of Management and Business, the work schedule of out-of-class digital education will be implemented on the basis of uniform applicable procedures for instructors and students alike. The intended objectives set out in the syllabuses will remain the same, but their implementation will differ.

1. The use of the e-learning system of the university ( will be obligatory in all the ongoing courses in the spring term at our Doctoral School. We request all our first year PhD students to check the availability of all their courses taken in the Neptun and also in the e-learning system. Should you find any discrepancy between the Neptun system and the courses added in the e-learning system, please notify Dr. Mónika Harangi-Rákos of the given subject via e-mail ( ).

2. You can usually find only 1 course per subject in the e-learning system. Your professors will upload the learning materials on this surface.

3. All instructors will be available in the e-learning system at the time of your scheduled course (this will be logged in the system). The professors will give instructions for the PhD Students via the "Forum" interface of the e-learning system. The instructors will communicate with students via the software they prefer to use (Cisco Webex Meeting). The instructors are only allowed to use free surfaces for communication. The presence of students in the e-learning system is also expected at the times of the courses in the same way.

4. Lecturers will notify PhD students in Neptun, when and on what communication platform consultation is available. They will also include this information in the course description.

5. Course materials will be uploaded and made visible on the working day prior to the timetable date of the given class. The teacher of the concerned subject is responsible for the upload of class materials, exercises, etc. into the e-learning system.

6. The requirements will be available for each course in the e-learning system on the top of the e-learning interface by clicking on “Official information”. Office hours of the lecturers will be also included into this "Official information" session.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Péter BALOGH
professorhead of the Doctoral School

Updated: 2021.02.19.

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